What’s your deal?

We are an association of homeowners living nearby who support recreational use of the Wildlife Refuge.  We abhor misinformation, and intend to provide clear, simple explanations about the safety of the Refuge (and the new development around Rocky Flats) based on up to date science and data.

Who would oppose a wildlife preserve?

(Opinion:) Some well-intentioned people whose information is 30 years out of date, buying into the idea that where people will be going is heavily contaminated (it isn't) and afraid of "hot particles" (discredited as a special danger beginning in the mid 1970s).   Others who bear a 30 year old grudge against the US Department of Energy for what they perceive as a coverup of just how badly run the Rocky Flats plant was  Some few would rather have the former Rocky Flats site closed as a protest against the Cold War and nuclear weapons.

Why should we trust you?

You shouldn't!  But you will find carefully vetted information, with fully cited refereed journal articles--most selected from 2012-2017--about radiation, risk, cancer rates, epidemiology, and software tools you can use yourself.