Information and suggestions for local municipalities (2022)

You are the only bulwark between misinformation and local political policy, and benefit hugely by representation on the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council when issues concern Rocky Flats arise.  At the same time, you are vulnerable to pressure from people who appear to be your consituents but who may be technically ignorant on important issues. The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment maintains useful, reliable, and readable results about Rocky Flats here.

One goal of our website is to legally challenge decisions concerning Rocky Flats made without due diligence into the scientific findings about the Refuge.  As of December 2022, we are providing documentation and correspondence with the City and County of Broomfield from 2018 to Jefferson County and xxxx in their lawsuit against Broomfield for breach of contract regarding withdrawal from the Jefferson Parkway project.

What to avoid

An example of what can happen to an unprepared official is provided by a phone interview between Paul Karolyi and Lisa xxxx, representing the Denver School Board.

Resources on this website

  • The following links introduce you to the anti-Refuge Rocky Flats activists, their viewpoints and weaknesses, and the latest (2022) data for the Refuge and the science that demonstrates completey unrestricted use of the Refuge results under all circumstances in negligible (in fact, almost definitely undetectable) harm.  It provides solid documentation to an evidence-based refusal to acquiesce to bullying by opinionated non-science folks. 
  • Meet the xxxx
  • Let the activists speak
  • The science results in 5 graphics

Practical suggestions when  anti-Refuge activists are likely to be present

Before a public meeting concerning Rocky Flats, the Jefferson Parkway, or use of the Refuge, be prepared for as many as 15 people to arrive representing the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, or groups such as the Rocky Flats Downwinders.  Such groups can be disruptive and points may be repeated mutliple times.  You may wish to decide BEFORE the meeting on policy.  These might include

  • EG: Please be prepared to submit your statement as a bulleted 1-page document before the meeting.
  • How to check whether a speaker in fact lives in your jurisdiction (e.g., using a sign-in sheet with physical address or zip code).  The groups may not be representative of your constituency.
  • The nature of comments that will be accepted, for example: please restrict statements to questions about facts.
  • Would each group please nominate a spokesman for the group before public comment.