This list will be occasionally updated, and reflects the opinions and experience of DMW as of July 2023. The intent is to assist local school districts and municipalities in recognizing who represents whom.

Assessing radiation safety require an understanding of radiation measurement, radiation dosimetry, and epidemiology. Thus we regard legitimate credentials as including a post-undergraduate background in any of physical sciences, nuclear physics, nuclear medicine, health physics, medical physics, or epidemiology.

individualcurrent affiliationform of misinformationremark
Sasha Stiles, M.D.Physicians for Social Responsibility, Coloradoscare tactics without a dose estimate, PSR links to incorrect info from LeRoy Moore, unpublished work-for-hire data of Dr. Michael Ketterer on hot particlesno credentials, never read literature
Mark B. Johnson, M.D.recent president, Colorado Medical Societyscare tactics without a dose estimate, belief in conspiracyno credentials, never read literature
LeRoy Moore, Ph.Dfounder, Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Centerscare tactics without dose estimate, incorrect information dating to the early 1970sno credentials, stopped reading literature in 1970s
Randy Staffordsoftware engineercherry-picking of data, self-styled natural scientist, no credentials, unfamiliar with almost all published literature
Tiffany HansenRocky Flats Downwinders founderscare tactics based on meaningless, unpublished 2016 health survey, incorrect informationno credentials