Welcome to rockyflatsneighbors.org!  (Not to be confused with rockyflatsneighbors.com!)

To my Rocky Flats neighbors who signed the mailing list in early April 2016: thanks for your patience.  I was very busy in the run-up to retiring on July 1st 2017 and now have more time and energy to devote to the web site.

I am eager to hear about your concerns and feedback on the site, version 1.0.  I am happy to correct errors or mis-statements and to answer your questions.

In the pipeline for version 1.1: a Resources web page (a general list of good references), a document on radon (if you believe the linear, no-threshold description, an actual radiation risk), more about how radiation is measured precisely, information about Americium 241 levels, and a statistics document clarifying what 95% confidence intervals are and why they're needed in epidemiology,



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